About Us

What is Windham Bigg Play, Inc.?

Bigg Play (Baseball International Goodwill Games Promoting Learning and Advancement of Youth) is an organization dedicated to Windham- area Youth and International Baseball.

Windham Bigg Play, Inc. was formed after an historic trip by two baseball teams from Poland to Willimantic, CT in 1994 to play teams drawn from the local Little League program. Our first endeavor was a two-week trip to Poland in the summer of 1996 by fourteen players aged 13-15 and six adult coaches/chaperones. One of the most striking effects of the trip was the appreciation each young player developed for another culture, language and environment. All made many new friends and some renewed friendships begun in 1994.

Board of Directors

William  Shea, President
Munere Haddad,  Vice President
Andre  LaCombe, Treasurer
Gary Jones, Secretary
Bob Burns
Francis Santa Lucia

Rick Ganoe

Michael Faba


Current Endeavors

Bigg Play will be hosting the Hengelo Giants from the Netherlands during the summer of 2014.

Bigg Play is planning its tenth trip.   A team is currently being formed and plans are to travel in 2015.


BIGG PLAY BOARD MEMBERS: Seated (left to right): Mooney Haddad, Bill Shea, Andy LaCombe.

Standing (left to right): Fran SantaLucia, Gary Jones, Rick Ganoe, Bob Burns..... 9/15/10

Oldenzaal, the Netherlands August 2008

Andy and Bill --Navigator and Driver in the Netherlands, August 2008.

Rick Ganoe and Carol SantaLucia prepare team for 1st game in Oldenzaal, the Netherlands, August 2008

Mooney, Father Marion, Bill, Carol, Bob and Andy at the rectory in Miejska Gorka, Poland August 2008